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We, as a family, have a very strong background in livestock production, feedlots and strong customer service. With having our own feedlot and cow calf operation, we understand how crucial good, strong fencing is to keep your most valuable assets safe. We all pride ourselves in delivering fine workmanship, high quality, durable products and excellent customer service at very competitive rates. 

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Since 2000

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With operations based in Kimball, NE, 3~W Livestock Equipment is a family owned and operated business founded back in 2000.
We produce high quality cattle fencing, feed bunks, loading chutes, horse panels, gates, portable panel trailers, sheep panels and more. We started the business with 3 generations actively involved. Our Son and Daughter started and used the business as part of their FFA SAE programs. Dustin designed most of the jigs we still use today. Krystal started as the cutter so Dustin and her Dad, Byron could keep welding. Grandpa did the hauling while Grandma did the books and Amber, the advertising.
Since those humble beginnings, the grandparents have stepped back. Byron has several full-time welders and he does most of the hauling. Dustin has gone to college and came back home with a machine tool technology degree and is our main designer. He also gets plenty of windshield time hauling and shop time welding. Krystal is in her senior year in college at the University of Wyoming, obtaining her major in Agriculture Education with a minor in Animal Science, and makes it home once in a while to haul panels to customers or spend some time welding. Amber takes care of all the books and advertising.


“Five Stars!”

Good panels good price. And, the folks that run it great people. Highly recommend 3w livestock! -Brian Bartlet

Great panels and prices! – Sam Cares

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4229 RD 29
Kimball, NE  69145
4229 RD 29
Kimball, NE  69145

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NOTICE: This yard and facility is under 24hr surveillance.