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Products- Horse Panels, Continuous Fence And More!

​3~W Livestock Equipment is located in Kimball, NE.
We have been providing top-notch continuous fences, gates, portable panels, portable trailers and others, to livestock farmers and ranch owners in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota and Montana since 2000. 

Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing outstanding products at competitive rates, hand in hand with excellent customer service. Here at 3~W Livestock Equipment, we make a full line of horse, sheep and cattle fencing. 

Cattle products include continuous fence, from 4 to 7 bar high and 20-21' long, ranging from 1.25" to 1.66" diameter tubing in 10,11 & 14 gauge. Gates are made and sold by the foot, with standard sizes of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 feet. We also offer bow gates. All gates come with the options of latches and hinges.

Portable Panels - 10 & 12' standard sized panel trailers, free-standing horse fence and windbreaks in 20' length constructed with 2.75" pipe frames with options of gates hung on each end.

We also manufacture feed rack panels, palpation cages, lightweight portable horse panels, light weight sheep and goat panels, 3.5' x 8' light weight sheep jug sets include 3-3.5x4' panels and 1-4' bow gate. We can make customized gates and fences of just about any size to perfectly meet your needs. 

Let us help you design a safe and durable livestock facility that provides you with lots of years of worry-free operations. From a single gate to an entire feedlot, we are your go-to company for all your fence and gate needs.

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